Community Art Projects
What I find with mosaic projects is that everyone is on a level playing field - they are all novices at mosaics and work together and learn. These projects get people to meet up and come up with a beautiful solution to a challenge!

Planning for a Community Art Project

The community group thinks up a wish list of themes. These can include anything from nature, heritage, environmental themes like recycled art, school teams, values, cultural themes, and so on. Think about the message you want to shout about!

 Then they take the ideas and make them into drawings, and symbolism is a great way to express many of these ideas into the medium of mosaic. For example, Deyes High School pictured right have used the Olympics, musical notes, drama, school ties, and more to fill their fantastic Mural... !

Mural projects usually take at least five or six class sessions, but this can depend on the size and complexity. Single class sessions are also available, please contact me to discuss. These are similar to the family workshops at Brockholes (see Family Events).

Please have a browse through the Fundraising Factsheet below to see the wide range of opportunities available. Murals start at around £500 for the size as pictured on the Frank Hornby Railways, Deyes High and Lancaster Lane Murals. Level of detail can affect time taken on a project.

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This Mosaic Plaque with the Scouts is an Example of a Small Community Project.

Members of the University of the 3rd Age holding the Hornby Railways mosaic At Deyes High School

 Deyes High School Mosaic Mural Finished Masterpiece!

One of 16 Panels in the Darnhill Festival Golden Anniversary, Sensory Garden Mosaics